Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk

Aron Schatz
October 8, 2017
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Fully Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk
While Fully provides excellent customer service and support, the Jarvis loses stability at standing height for people that are on the tall end of the spectrum.

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Final Verdict

The Fully Jarvis adjustable standing desk has a range of prices and options based on the size and material of the desk you want. The configuration reviewed costs $640 (Amazon for the frame) for the 60"x30" with programmable keypad along with a contoured bamboo desktop. The pricing that Fully offers is competitive in the market and most desks in the same category cost the same or slightly more. Fully competes with a few companies and many offer very similar electronics since they are sourced from China. That being said, the major problem facing a desk like the Jarvis is the lack of stability at standing height. This is primarily due to the lack of a cross brace between the legs on the frame. There is a cross brace at the top of the frame, but this brace is more vanity as the desktop surface acts as the brace already. The wobble (left to right) motion was very noticeable at standing height, but diminished as the desk lowered to sitting height. If you are shorter than 6', you probably won't notice the wobble, but anything at or above, you may want to investigate other options.

The build quality of the components and the support that Fully offers is excellent. As stated in the video review, the desk that was purchased was going to be returned to Fully since it wasn't fitting the needs of a standing desk with stability. Fully offered a complete refund, including the return shipping to them. I never mentioned that I'd be reviewing the desktop (it was a personal purchase), so there was no enticement to make the company look better. This was just some good customer service being shown to a regular customer. There are some people that are shorter and won't notice any wobble. For those people, the Jarvis is a well built desk. The contoured desktop is not for everyone, though. The loss of the desk space being taken up by the semi circle cutout and the sloped edge on that cutout wasn't worth it. If you're operating multiple stations on one desk, the cutout may be a good option since you can spin your body in place without reaching into the desk.

All in all, this is the type of product that you need to be happy with since you'll be spending lots of time with it. It is just as important as input devices. If you can try before you buy, we recommend it. However, give Fully a call and ask them about the product. Their customer service is excellent and if you're not that tall, this desk might be a good standing desk for you.
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