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Aron Schatz
February 6, 2005
These are the rules of the site.

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<h1>Terms of Usage and Publishing Policy</h1>
<h4>In using this site, you acknowledge the acceptance of the terms listed within this document. If you do not agree with these terms, you will possess no further rights to this site and all contents contained within. </h4>
In this documents, the following definitions are given:
<b>Content(s):</b> All data in any material on this site, including but not limited to: articles, logos, trademarks, promotions, and original design and scripting.

<b>Re-Distribution:</b> To copy, store, mirrored, posted, demonstrated publicly, broadcast, transmitted, reproduced, republished, adapted or changed.

<b>Acknowledge and Accept:</b> Whether knowingly or otherwise, you are expected to follow the guidelines, limititations, permissions stated within this document and marked otherwise within the website of ASE Labs (»http://www.aselabs.com), its subdomains, and any other sister sites such as ASE Forums (»http://www.aseforums.com) and ASE Games (http://www.asegames.com).

<b>Users of this site:</b> Anyone who reads, posts to, links to or refers to this site, directly, indirectly, inferred or otherwise.

All content at ASE Labs remain subject as intellectual property of ASE Labs unless stated otherwise. Nowhere on this site states or suggests that the contents of ASE Labs or its partners are free public domain in reference to the intellectual property rights or the Digital Copyright Act. Access to the material on this site may only occur through direct http, only.

When posting to ASE Labs, you hold the copyright to your post and give ASE Labs rights to resell the content, but ASE Labs cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from the content. You also consent to ASE Labs use the content as deemed fit by ASE Labs. Your IP address and email address may also be logged for legal purposes and to protect the site from harm. A moderator, someone that helps with the site, may be able view your IP and email address.

Contents are not to be re-distributed in any form for commercial use. Private individuals may use it in any non-public manner they deem fit for as long as those purposes do not infringe upon or limit the rights of this site or any third party.

We at ASE Labs are not liable for material beyond our domain, in as much as reffering to that material represented by referring sites, referred-to sites and our partners, sponsors or affiliations. Nor will ASE Labs be held liable for any claims, losses or disabilities, whether by contract, negligence or misuse, directly or indirectly from the use of this site or its contents; these liabilities include but are not limited to indirect or consequential loss of resources, whether fiscal, capital, entitlements of position or psychological.

Though ASE Labs does not intend the presence of bugs or virii, unless noticed for educational purposes, such coding may appear whether by malicious intent of others or accident of the programming of this site. Nor does ASE Labs insure that the site is necessarily viewable or viewed in the same way or with the same data for all browsers, operating systems or computer platforms.

ASE Labs does not support or promote claims of any product or service advertised on this site or through a third party. Articles in ASE Labs are independent of partners, sponsors or affiliates. ASE Labs promotes only itsown independent findings posted in articles or other similarly self-supportive data.

ASE Labs reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes on itsown website, ASE Labs. ASE Labs will not insure the validity of data referring to ASE Labs, directly, indirectly, inferred or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the users of this site, i.e. you, to confirm the current conditions, regulations and restrictions by accessing this policy, where official changes will be posted, and may be posted without advanced or present notice. ASE Labs also reserves the right to make the site unavailable at anytime, restrict access in whole or part or change the contents all without prior consent, advanced or present notice.

Any requests to use the information in this site in any other way that is not specified or permitted may be made by writing the owner of the site for consent of use. At the current time of this publishing, the owner of this site is Aron Schatz, who may be reached by writing an electronic mail message to <a href="mailto:aronschatz@aselabs.com">aronschatz@aselabs.com</a> which is also his current electronic mailing address.


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